Pin Type ANSI Class 53-3 and 55-5 Silicone Polymer Insulators

These insulators were designed to the Porcelain configuration. We chose to mold the Inner Core from 6/6 Nylon for superior strength, impact and heat resistance and utilizing our Silicone Rubber Formulation for the Outer Covering to have the excellent Hydrophobicity, Self Cleaning, Heat Resistance, UV and Ozone resistance this material has to offer.
Horizontal Line Post Insulators 15kV, 28kV and 35kV

End fittings are made from Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron. Fiberglass solid core rod is made using Epoxy Resin. Clamp and Stud base dimensions are in accordance with ANSI C29.7. 
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Tapered Fiberglass Poles
•Offered in 12 to 50 foot in length
Decorative Fluted Poles
•Offered in 10 - 35 feet in length

•Natural and Smooth finishes
•Standard colors are black, bronze and gray
•Direct Burial or Anchor Base
•Tenon or Arm Mounting option
•Smooth and Textured Finishes
•Direct Burial or Anchor Base
•Decorative Style Base
•EPA ratings of 80 - 146 MPH
Lithium-Ion Gator Battery Powered Crimping Tools

Greenlee’s new generation of Gator tools define the standard in battery powered Crimping and Cutting tools. The Greenlee Gator L Series battery powered tools offer exclusive Greenlee features that offer an Intell-Crimp system that monitors the force of each crimp. The L Series features also include Retraction Stop, LED work light and 18V Lithium Ion Battery. Explore the new Gator L Series and see how Greenlee has made the user’s experience faster, safer and easier.

EK1550 15-Ton Battery Powered Crimping Tool

15 tons of crimping force is now available in a Greenlee battery-powered tool.  The EK1550 combines Greenlee's proven battery tool platform with our durable 15-ton crimping head.  With our crimping head, it makes it easy to get around connectors and then to get off of the connectors after the crimp is complete.  By using interchangeable adaptors, the EK1550 can be used with a wide range of crimping dies. Completing a crimp is easy with the EK1550. Simply put the head around the connector and then pull the trigger.  The tool does the rest.

Long Auger Bits

Greenlee is proud to add the new 24" & 30" Long Auger Bits to the Holemaking Product Line. The new extended length auger bits were designed to make it easier to drill holes with a depth exceeding standard 18" auger bits in utility poles or other wood structures.


POLE QUIKSET is specially formulated for straightening and settingpower utility poles when water is present in the hole. POLE QWIKSET sets up in 5 to 10 minutes and hardware can be mounted within 15 minutes.
The Utility Solutions BLUE STRIPE® Compact Stick

is the shortest 35 ft. fiberglass hot stick in the world.  This stick was specifically designed to be small enough to fit into the back of a standard sized car trunk.
Underground Cable Acceptance / Proof Testing made Easy!

Easiest operation of any available equipment. Meets worldwide cable test standards. Sinusoidal Output. Multiple Frequency Selection for extra long cables

The XV Series of VLF test equipment is the latest addition to the VON family of high voltage test equipment, known worldwide as the most reliable high voltage test equipment available.  Our advanced design provides you with a rugged, easy to use system that is easily portable to your test site.  Digital menu based controls and an onscreen instruction system make the system easy to operate.


Super Crib

(Model 6/7SC-24) for utilities requiring additional attention to detail to create a safe platform to lift or stabilize a line truck. Super Cribs can be set directly on the ground if the soil underneath is stable enough to support the load. Field personnel are responsible for making that determination. We recommend the use of a rigid panel to be used under the cribbing as a support base to carry the load in any soft ground situation. Super Crib is made from Non-absorbent material. It is much Stronger, cleaner and safer, than wood. Aggressive pattern to create a slip-resistant pyramid-locking surface on two sides and an Interlocking lincoln log surface on the other sides. Rope handles are on both ends for handling ease.
Dirt Boards

Made from polyethylene, this 4’ X 8’ mat has the convenience of hand cutouts for lifting, a smooth surface and a matte finish surface and weigh only 46 lbs. Since water can’t hurt them, and they won’t break, they are the perfect “dirt board” for keeping lawns clean when excavating.
FR Dritex Rainwear

FR Dritex Rainwear is 100% waterproof, plus flame and arc resistant for workers exposed to energized environments.

FR Dritex Rainwear passes the current tests for flame and arc resistant rainwear. Seams are sewn and welded, making it virtually indestructible and not affected by greases, oils, or hydrocarbons, yet comfortable to wear.

Rowdy's Auger Tarp is similar to Rowdy's DirtBall but has a center opening. One side of the tarp has an overlapping slit that allows the tarp to be installed or removed from around a pole to keep the jobsite cleaner while digging.

The Auger Tarp is made of heavy-duty, rubberized canvas and is equipped with 6 lifting handles. The handles and the support straps are made of tough tubular nylon webbing and can be used to lift the tarp for backfilling or taking the debris away.
Sizes: 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 & 9.5 Round and colors to suit your needs.
Maximum Work Load 1000 lbs
The overlapping slit on the side is secured using hook-loop closures and heavy-duty quick-release buckles.

Rowdy's DirtBall is made of heavy-duty, rubberized canvas and is equipped with lifting handles. The tarp can be filled with dirt or other worksite debris. The handles are made of tough tubular nylon webbing and can be used to lift the tarp mechanically using a crane or other similar devices for backfilling or taking the debris away.   Maximum Work Load 1000 lbs.

Rowdy’s DirtBall comes in two models. Each model is available in 2 canvas weights and a variety of sizes: 6x6,7x7,8x8 and colors to suit your needs. The V-notch model allow you to get the tarp even closer to your work.
Make Your Life Easier  -  Cleaning Your Jobsite
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The Secondary Bus Enclosures help to eliminate problems created when the conduits and cables for numerous services are terminated in the pad-mount transformer secondary compartment (limited space for cables on transformer secondary terminals and oil leaks due to cable overloaded bushings).

Elliott Secondary Bus Enclosures are used for projects such as large retail outlets with electrical panels located in different sections of the store (such as Wal-Mart or Home Depot) and for strip shopping centers, office centers and malls with individual meters at each store. Current Transformer provisions, with or without CTs, are an available option.

We offer a large variety of enclosure sizes, bus sizes and special designs.